Shaft-Sealing Solution Features Removable Flange For Simplified Installation

Aug. 8, 2011
Removable flange does not require power tools or heating.

SKF's new generation of SKF Speedi-Sleeve shaft sealing solutions handles worn or damaged shafts on rotating equipment. The sleeves provide a sealing surface without requiring shaft disassembly or specifying a new size of replacement seal. 

The removable flange does not require power tools or heating. The sleeves include a proprietary stainless-steel material and manufacturing process, which create a seal counterface surface and increased sleeve strength.  mperceptible lubricant pockets enable lubricant to reside on the sleeve to prevent dry-running of the sealing lip that could otherwise result in excessive wear.

Each sleeve was designed to fit a specific shaft range, usually above and below the nominal shaft diameter, permitting flexibility to accommodate variations in the actual shaft diameter.  Thin sleeve walls (0.28 mm or 0.011 inches) allow users to retain the original seal size. Standard sleeves are available for shaft diameters from 11.99 mm (0.472 inches) to 203.33 mm (8 inches)and nonstandard sizes can be custom manufactured.

For highly abrasive applications Speedi-Sleeve also is offered in gold versions. These incorporate a thin, metallic coating applied to the base stainless steel to realize increased durability in contaminant-prone operating conditions.