Hose Pump Offers Maximum Flow Of 440 GPM

Nov. 19, 2012
Pump handles heavy industrial applications.

Flowrox has released a new hose pump with maximum pump flow of 440 gpm and pressure up to 150 psi.

Using the Flowrox roller design, the LPP-T4 pump will delivers 31 liters per single 360-degree revolution and still only requires 6.6 gallons of lubricant. The pump handles heavy-duty media especially in mining, minerals and metallurgy as well as in energy and construction.

Flowrox hose pumps are suitable for pumping various slurries and dosing a wide range of abrasive, corrosive, viscous or crystallizing media. The pumps offer a continuous flow rate without overheating, resulting in higher flow with a smaller pump. It also does not require a homogeneous medium and mixing or shearing of the medium.