Temperature Control Trap Suits Low-Temperature Heating Applications

Jan. 16, 2013
Unit includes a fully adjustable temperature setting.

TLV’s LEX3N-TZ temperature control trap for steam service includes a built-in scale removal function. The device is suitable for use in tracing applications where low-temperature heating is required. This includes winterization, instrument and low-temperature tracing, freeze control on manifold drains, condensate control on tank coils, and high temperature air venting that allows or requires subcooled condensate. 

The LEX3N-TZ is prohibited for drip application, high-temperature tracing (like sulfur or phthalic anhydride) or any other application where condensate subcooling is not recommended.  The device provides scale-removal capabilities with a built-in auger. It also features a fully adjustable temperature setting, which allows the LEX3N-TZ to be used on steam service, as an automatic non-freeze valve or as a high-temperature air vent.

The LEX3N-TZ’s stainless-steel construction with over-expansion protection prevents damage to the bimetal element and ensures a long service life. TLV’s LEX3N-TZ is available in half-inch, three-quarters-inch and one-inch NPT connection sizes (SW and Flanged connections available upon request).