Rotary Valve Features High-Capacity Rotor Design

Oct. 4, 2013
Rotor design provides 5 percent increase in cubic feet/revolution material throughput.

The new SD series of rotary valves from ACS Valves was designed to provide increased bulk material throughput efficiency in feeding and metering applications compared to standard 8-vane rotary valves. The construction of the SD Series rotor has larger pocket area between the vanes of the rotor, enabling greater pocket-fill capacity.

Calculated at 100 percent pocket-fill capacity, an SD Series rotary valve can move over 5 percent more cubic feet/revolution of bulk material than a comparable, 8-vane rotary valve. The large pocket area of the SD series rotary valve also aids in improving the complete release from the rotor pocket of materials that may have poor flow characteristics.

In addition to the high-capacity rotor design, the SD series valve housings are cast in North America to ensure strength in the composition and solidification of the housing’s metallurgy and to eliminate dimples, crevices and pits on the housing’s product contact areas and other surfaces. The SD Series housings are CNC-machined to precise tolerances, eliminating axial shaft movement, seal leakage and shortened bearing life.

The standard 6-vane rotor design of the ACS Valves SD Series also contributes to total process efficiency by providing sufficient inlet and outlet sealing and, therefore, maintaining proper pressure differentials upstream and downstream of the SD series valve, while also reducing compressed air requirements.

ACS Valves SD Series rotary valves are available in cast iron, or 304 or 316 stainless steel. The SD series is available in (4) square-flange sizes from 6 inches to 12 inches; and (4) heights from 10 inches to 18 inches. The SD series also performs in temperature applications up to 250 degrees Fahrenheit.