Valve Stem Packing Offers Low Friction

Aug. 2, 2014
Garlock released Garlock Style 5882 low-friction valve stem packing materials.

The Garlock family of companies released Garlock Style 5882, a line of low-friction valve stem packing materials designed for applications within the power generation industry, and control valve applications using steam, water or air. Garlock Style 5882 is available in three different configurations.

Garlock Style 5882 valve stem packing combines a high-quality braided carbon fiber core with a thin PTFE shell, providing structural stability and low friction for smooth actuation vital for control valve effectiveness and confident operation.

Three Garlock Style 5882 valve stem packing line options are available:

 - Garlock Style 5882 Spool – Spool-based material for applications up to 500°F.

- Garlock Style 5882 Die-Formed – A die-formed material featuring bevel cut rings for precise installation during planned outages.

– Garlock Style 5882 LSP Set - Engineered with die-formed graphite middle rings and lower PTFE content for higher heat dissipation, the material is a combination of GRAPH-LOCK and Garlock Style 5882 rings.

All three options can be custom designed to fit unique dimensional requirements, and can be manufactured with carbon bushings to optimize box depth and set performance.