GD Nash Introduces Vectra XM 150 Compressor

April 8, 2015
GD Nash introduces Vectra XM 150 Compressor.

GD Nash introduces the Vectra XM 150 compressor, an expansion of the Nash Vectra compressor range that operates at up to 4 bar G (60 PSIG). It is specifically designed for the higher pressures and performance requirements found in many process applications including vapor recovery, flare gas recovery, biogas, corrosive gas handling (e.g. VCM and chlorine) and hydrogen compression.

The Nash Vectra XM 150 compressor features:

• Single, conical port design

• Between bearing rotor/shaft design

• Single pressure boundary sealing point

• No tie rods

• API-681 compliance; API-682 shaft seal

• Increased bearing life

• 316 stainless steel construction

• Horizontal, self-draining inlet/discharge nozzles

The Vectra XM 150 is designed for severe service. The rugged construction and easy to service design minimizes preventative maintenance, according to the company.