FMI Introduces PDS-100 Programmable Dispenser

Sept. 16, 2015
Fluid Metering introduces the PDS-100 Programmable Dispenser for battery manufacturing.

Fluid Metering, Inc. introduces the PDS-100 Programmable Dispenser for battery manufacturing process applications requiring precision and maintenance-free fluid control, according to the company.

The PDS-100 is designed for dispensing and metering electrolytes, slurries and metal forming lubricants used in the manufacture of AA, AAA, C, D and button cell batteries. The PDS-100 integrates FMI’s CeramPump design with programmable stepper motor control. The pump electronics are housed in a rugged anodized aluminum enclosure suitable for desktop or wall mounting and featuring front panel programming of dispense and continuous metering modes.

The PDS-100 is available in both single and dual pump head configurations. For duplex configurations, the displacement and speed of each pump head can be individually controlled for proportional mixing and diluting. Duplex configurations can also provide economic 2-channel dispensing.

With CeramPump, a rotating and reciprocating ceramic piston accomplishes all fluid control functions. It dispenses from two microliters up to one liter per minute continuous metering, while maintaining a precision of 0.5% without re-calibration or downtime, according to the company.