Clark Solutions Introduces Modular Molded Manifold Valve Series XTA-2E

Feb. 3, 2016
Clark Solutions introduces Modular Molded Manifold Valve Series XTA-2E.

The XTA-2E is a modular design manifold consisting of valve blocks holding a pair of 2-way valves. The blocks are interconnected for a range of standard manifold configurations of up to 12 valves.

Molded ETFE manifold blocks assure dimensional stability and have excellent chemical compatibility characteristics, according to Clark. The blocks are joined together with Perfluor O-rings. Other wetted components include a PTFE isolation diaphragm and a Perfluor soft valve seal (which makes the valve more tolerant of particulate matter in the flow stream). Optional diaphragm materials are available.

A 2-row construction enables a shorter length of manifold and common channel, which contributes to a small internal volume and easy arrangement on an instrument.