GEA Introduces NiSoX Valve

April 19, 2016
GEA develops new high pressure homogenization technology.

GEA introduces the NiSoX-Valve, a high pressure homogenizing valve. The NiSoX-Valve geometry facilitates a better distribution of energy toward the middle of the valve, promoting a more effective reduction in particle size and an enhanced level of particle uniformity, according to the company.  Laboratory tests reportedly show that the NiSoX-Valve model improves the uniformity of particles due to a standard deviation (or polydispersity index) lower than that of other valves, especially for VHP applications in the pressure range from 600 up to 1500 bar.

The NiSoX-Valve features a simplified design with a deflector and an interaction chamber. The NiSoX-Valve geometry reportedly reduces operating pressure by up to 30%. The NiSoX-Valve is offered in two sizes for high pressure applications. Tungsten carbide and ceramic versions are available for homogenizers of the Ariete series, models NS2006 to NS3075.