Spirax Sarco EP500 Electropneumatic Valve Positioner Features Ergonomic Design

March 2, 2017
Spirax Sarco launches the EP500 electropneumatic valve positioner.

Spirax Sarcor releases the ergonomically designed EP500 electropneumatic valve positioner. The positioner reportedly offers accuracy and reliability with ease of installation, calibration and operation.

The EP500 has a cast aluminum enclosure suitable for outdoor installations. It utilizes simple force-balance control technology and can be mounted onto pneumatic actuators with strokes between 10mm and 70mm. With two gauges to indicate the supply air pressure and the output pressure to the pneumatic actuator, zero and span adjustments are easily accomplished, according to the company.

Additional features include improved calibration capabilities, IP65 rated weatherproof enclosure, NAMUR mounting and an easily accessible and electrical access cap with compression style wiring connectors. A mounting kit is included.