Simatic ET 200SP Motor Starter Protects Electric Motors And Loads

April 21, 2017
Simatic ET 200SP motor starter is more powerful with four adjustment ranges up to 5.5 kilowatts.

The Simatic ET 200SP motor starter protects electric motors and loads. Four adjustment ranges up to 5.5 kilowatts make the motor starter particularly powerful, according to Siemens. A wide range of standard and fail-safe motor starters are available for switching and monitoring tasks in logistics and production plants and on production machines and machine tools.

The compact Simatic ET 200SP motor starter saves space in the control cabinet and offers versatile control, switching, starting and monitoring functionalities. It protects 1 and 3-phase motors against overload and short circuit when starting. The current values can also be used for energy management functions. Push-in technology means no tools are required for connecting the motor starters. Parameters are assigned with the TIA Portal engineering tool and the starters are connected to a controller without any programming effort. Any faults can be found and corrected by numerous diagnostic options, such as residual current detection and LED displays.

The Simatic ET 200SP motor starter safely switches off motors in two ways: The Sirius 3SK safety relay, which separates standard and safety engineering, is used for locally limited applications. For system-wide, integrated automation solutions, the safety-oriented F-CPUs of Simatic controllers are used.

New functions include Quick Stop and motor blocking protection. The Quick Stop function stops conveyed goods precisely. The motor blocking protection function switches off the plant quickly in the event of a mechanical blockage, such as when a tool gets wedged in the conveyor belt, protecting the motors.