Quattroflow Releases QF10k Quaternary Diaphragm Pump

Jan. 5, 2018
Quattroflow’s new QF10k pump fills the gap between the existing QF4400/5050 and QF20k pump sizes.

Quattroflow, part of PSG, a Dover company, extends its multiple-use product line of quaternary (four-piston) diaphragm pumps with the introduction of the new QF10k size pump. Providing a maximum flow rate of 10,000 lph, the new QF10k pump fills the gap between the existing QF4400/5050 and QF20k pump sizes.

The QF10k pump is equipped with an improved, patent-pending stainless-steel pump chamber design that reportedly provides excellent drainability to maximize product recovery. Other Quattroflow QF10k pump features and benefits include a maximum pressure of 6 bar (87 psi); 20:1 turn-down ratio; linear flow performance; and high-flow stability even at low flow rates. Quattroflow QF10k pumps offer clean-in-place (CIP)/steaming-in-place (SIP) and autoclave capabilities. Available accessories include control box, power box, diaphragm sensor and PID pressure controller. Typical applications include chromatography and cross-flow filter systems.

Multiple-use pumps from Quattroflow primarily serve the biotech and pharmaceutical industries that require gentle displacement, reliability, product safety, purity and cleanability. With six pump sizes now available – QF150, QF1200, QF4400, QF5050, QF10k and QF20k – the complete Quattroflow multiple-use pump range covers a flow capacity between 1 and 20,000 lph (0.26 and 5,283 gph¬). The smallest size, QF150, comes with an integrated controller as standard. For all other sizes, a separate control box is available. In addition, sizes QF1200 and QF400 are also offered in a space-saving, compact version with integrated controller and high turn-down ration (QF1200S-CV, 1200S-HT and 4400S-HT).