Flowrox Introduces FXM Metering Pump

May 14, 2020
Next generation metering pump is IIoT ready.

Flowrox launches the Flowrox FXM Metering Pump. The Flowrox FXM pump allows its operators to monitor the pumps 24/7 with the use of any computer or mobile device. This helps the plant manager to realize minor mishaps before they reach critical levels that can cause serious downtime or costly damage.

Flowrox pumps are built to last in the harsh conditions of various chemical environments. Chemical dosing applications that require accurate metering especially benefit from the Flowrox FXM metering pump. The Flowrox FXM pump has low consumption of spare parts, reduces maintenance and downtime, improves process performance and provides accurate dosing.

Every Flowrox FXM pump is now IIoT ready. Users have the option to use the Flowrox Malibu portal to remotely manage, measure and analyze processes from anywhere with a computer or any hand-held device with internet connection. Flowrox Malibu is a combined online process monitoring, maintenance and analysis tool that helps to predict failures before they occur, boost productivity and increase safety in chemical dosing processes.

Compared to the previous generation, FXM pumps have expanded logic programming. The functionality has also increased with a higher capacity output. The maximum flow of the FXM-2 model reaches up to 46.5 GPH, and the FXM-3 reaches up to 221.9 GPH. The working pressure of both models goes up to 125 psi. They can also withstand a higher ambient temperature up to 131 F.