Clamping Device Fits Sanitary Specifications

March 17, 2008

Continental Disc Corporation introduces the Sani-Torq clamping device, designed to tighten sanitary clamps to a specified torque setting. Properly torqued fittings are crucial to prevent leakage or contamination and to ensure proper rupture disc operation. The Sani-Torq device makes proper torque application as easy as turning a wrench. A standard 7/8-inch socket becomes a precision torque wrench when applied to a Sani-Torq clamping device.

The device tightens a standard 1-1/2-inch to four-inch (40-millimeter to 100-millimeter) sanitary clamp with a standard wrench until the proper torque value is reached. An audible "click" indicates the correct inch-pounds force has been achieved, and the self-limiting feature stops tightening the clamp. The Sani-Torq device is left in place until the clamp is removed. It is easy to use in tight spots, and you will never have to worry about over- or under-tightening the clamp.