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Rupture Disc Products Handle High Pressures

April 30, 2012
Products are suited for the pharmaceutical, food & beverage, and biotech industries.

Pre-Torqued Holder Maintains Precise Rupture Disc Loading

June 29, 2011
HPX-PT holder allows the disc to be correctly fitted in the workshop using precise recommended torque levels, prior to installation of the complete assembly between the flanges...

Rupture Disc Features Full-Open Relief Area

June 29, 2011
Differential pressure relief device features an instantaneous full-open relief area for protecting equipment, vessels, systems and people from an overpressure condition.

Brochure Includes Information About Rupture Discs

June 27, 2011
New format will be used for future new Continental Disc and Groth product launches.

Sanitary Disc Can Be Pressurized Up To 95% Of Rated Burst Pressure

Aug. 21, 2010
Sanitrx is a differential pressure-relief device that provides an instantaneous full-open, non-reclosing design for protecting equipment, vessels, systems and people from overpressure...

Rupture Discs Offer Performance In Excess Of A Quarter Million Cycles

April 29, 2010
Continental Disc Corporation recently launched the new HPX and HPX SANITARY rupture discs at INTERPHEX 2010 in New York City, New York. The HPX rupture discs are scored reverse...

Relief Valve Good For Low Emission, Overpressure Monitoring

July 16, 2009
Groth Corporation recently announced the new 1800A Series Full Lift Type Valve at 10% Overpressure for applications requiring low emissions and operation near tank Maximum Allowable...

Rupture Disc Offers Proven Performance

April 13, 2009
Continental Disc Corporation introduces the Sanitrx MP rupture disc

Clamping Device Fits Sanitary Specifications

March 17, 2008
Continental Disc Corporation introduces the Sani-Torq clamping device, designed to tighten sanitary clamps to a specified torque setting. Properly torqued fittings are crucial...