October 2022

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Clarify A Column Conundrum

The causes of multiple problems plaguing a distillation process need pinning down
Avoid Heat Exchanger Flux

Equipment Performance: Consider Critical Heat Flux

Avoid surprises when altering heat-exchanger operating conditions
Source: University of Turku.
Impressive Adhesion Figure 2. Material held two pieces of steel together strongly enough to suspend two jugs weighing a total of 16 kg for over a month.

Biochemical Process Produces Promising Polymer

A new supramolecular plastic is both degradable and highly recyclable, report its developers at the MediCity Research Laboratory of the University of Turku, Turku, Finland. The...
Fall Is For Process Safety

Fall Is For Process Safety

Our ongoing coverage peaks to coincide with major events

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What You Do Not Have Cannot Leak

Safety: What You Don’t Have Can’t Leak

An icon of process safety offered much such wisdom
Take The Right Steps With Hazard Assessents

Take The Right Steps With Hazard Assessments

Focusing on changes often can provide faster evaluations and better results
Source: Shell.
Tracking Construction Progress Figure 1. Aerial imagery from drones enables dimensionally accurate 3D modeling of entire 400-acre site.

Maintenance: Drones Get A Lift

Chemical makers increasingly are turning to drones. Enhanced capabilities and greater familiarity are fostering their wider use. Here’s a look at some developments both in the...
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Continuous Flow Reactors Yield Multiple Benefits

Three-way collaboration leads to impressive results
Zone In On Dust Hazards

Explosion Protection: Zone In On Dust Hazards

Selecting appropriate electrical area classification is crucial
Climate Change And Energy Efficiency

Energy & The Environment: Address The Elephant In The Room

The challenge in the process industries today is to maintain the viability of our enterprise, and the societal benefits it provides, while also addressing the clear and present...
Source: Arges Lab/Penn State.

Water Treatment: Membranes Deliver Purification Portability

Membrane capacitive deionization technology has the potential to make water purification more portable for use in remote or disaster-relief areas.

EPA Targets PFAS Cleanup

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency proposes to designate perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA) and perfluorooctanesulfonic acid (PFOS), two of the most widely used per- and polyfluoroalky...
Steam Boiler

Process Puzzler: Suppress Steam System Surprises

Readers suggest a number of factors that can contribute to boiler issues