July 2022


Process Puzzler: Avert Dryer Difficulties

Dealing with moisture is key to stopping clumping and corrosion

Plastic Waste Yields Hydrogen And Nanotubes

Researchers have developed a two-stage process to convert difficult-to-recycle waste plastic.

Poll Results: Work From Home

We asked readers: If allowed to work from home on an ongoing basis, how frequently would you work from home?

Nanoscale Membranes Boost Organic Separations

Tunable pores enhance selectivity and energy efficiency

3D Printing Builds Plant Role

Fast turnaround and ability to produce complex parts are spurring acceptance

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Quick Poll: Monitoring Mechanical Integrity

Won't you please take our one-question poll?

Process Safety Management Audits Unmask Myriad Mistakes

This final part in our series covers a broad variety of commonly found issues

Greenhouse Gases: See The Forest Not Just The Trees

Chemical makers’ efforts on CO2 address only part of the problem
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Fluid Handling: Don’t Push Piping Flow Too High

Understanding velocity limits to prevent erosion and corrosion is crucial

Small Modular Reactors Pose Waste Handling Issues

Study reveals small modular reactors produce more nuclear waste than traditional ones

Chemical Compliance: Get Ready For Superfund Excise Tax

First deposit of reinstated tax used to fund cleanup of hazardous waste sites is due July 29

Energy Saver Projects: Yes, It Does Matter

Incorrect installations can hinder recouping any energy savings

Safety Advice: Get Fired Up About Combustible Dust

Take adequate steps to defuse dangers posed by such particles

Use Wireless Tools To Increase Plant And Worker Safety

Take advantage of toxic gas monitoring and location tracking

Novel Approach Improves Ammonia Process Efficiency

Use of artificial intelligence and first principles hybrid modeling provides gains

Dry Your Solids Properly

Focus on the characteristics essential to the final product