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Risk Management Program Updates: What the EPA’s New Rules Mean for Chemical Plants

New RMP guidelines will impact the way chemical facility managers analyze incidents, implement corrective actions and protect their workers and the surrounding community from ...
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2023 Editors' Choice article New Chemistries Avoid Disaster

Could New Chemistries, Retooled Production Strategies Prevent the Next East Palestine Spill?

Experts weigh in on tactics the chemical industry could or should adopt in the near and long term.
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Podcast: Examining Ohio Train Derailment; Five-Year Anniversary of Exxon Mobil Earthquake Incident

Trish and Traci discuss the response to the East Palestine, Ohio, train derailment noting that environmental factors will be an issue. Also, this episode unpacks how Exxon Mobil...

Hazardous Process Gets Important Improvement

New safety instrumented system reduces risk and eases future expansion

CSB Video Addresses Popcorn Polymer Dangers and Strategies

July 21, 2023
Video illustrates alarming findings from TPC mismanagement that led to Texas plant explosion

EPA Proposes New Restrictions on Carbon Tetrachloride Uses

July 18, 2023
If finalized, new ruling would ban discontinued uses and require a workplace chemical protection program

Eastman Introduces Line of Cumene-Free Adhesion Promoters Ahead of EU Standard

July 10, 2023
Advantis line offers an alternative to help formulators remain complaint without the need for reformulation.

CSB Investigation: Lack Of Process Knowledge, Runaway Reaction Caused Worker Death

July 7, 2023
A better understanding of safety management system elements must be in place to prevent incidents from reactive hazards, according to the U.S. Chemical Safety and Hazard Investigation...