Eastman Introduces Line of Cumene-Free Adhesion Promoters Ahead of EU Standard

July 10, 2023
Advantis line offers an alternative to help formulators remain complaint without the need for reformulation.

Eastman on Monday introduced a new line of adhesion promoters for paint and coatings users that do not require hazardous material labeling under upcoming European Union standards.

The new Advantis line of adhesion promoters limit or remove materials of concern, allowing formulators and end users to improve product sustainability while meeting EU regulatory requirements, the company said. The EU plans to reclassify cumene as carcinogenic category 1B, which means it’s presumed to have carcinogenic potential for humans.

“With materials like cumene being recategorized as carcinogens, formulators have two choices — continue to use these materials with their new hazardous labeling, or switch to solutions that limit or remove these materials,” said Tom Klug, segment market manager for Eastman’s automotive coatings business, in a news release. “Eastman’s Advantis adhesion promoters offer a simple alternative to help our customers remain complaint without the need for reformulation.”

Advantis products consist of modified polypropylene and polyethylene polymers that adhere to untreated plastics and other difficult-to-bond-to surfaces. The product acts as a primer between the substrate and subsequent coating, as a primer or tie coat between coating layers and as a stir-in formulation additive.

“Formulators tell us that reclassification of materials is a major trend across our industry, so we developed these new products as drop-in alternatives to formulations benefiting from our traditional promoters,” said Doug Wagner, technology director in Eastman’s coatings business.