Blower Heater Withstands Extreme Environments

Sept. 17, 2014
Chromalox introduced the extreme duty CXH-XD blower heater designed for corrosive and wet environments.

Chromalox introduced the extreme duty CXH-XD blower heater. The new unit withstands corrosive and wet environments and is ATEX certified. It extends the capabilities of the company's CXH-A/EP models, which heat areas classified as hazardous locations to provide primary or supplementary heating for comfort or freeze protection.

CXH-XD enhancements include a corrosion-resistant, coated heat exchanger and optional 316 stainless steel and epoxy-coated frames. The CXH-XD will include the IP66 corrosion-resistant and washdown rated fan motor. Chromalox expects the enhancements to make the blower heater suitable for extreme environments in industrial settings such as onshore and offshore drilling platforms, pump houses, power generating stations, water and wastewater plants, chemical storage facilities and pipeline metering stations.  

The CXH-XD model comes with power ratings from 3 to 35 kW, which provide heat outputs up to 119,420 Btu/hr. Frequency rating for the unit is 50/60 Hz. The electric blower heaters have individually adjustable louvers to provide targeted heat. The IP66 washdown, flameproof motor can handle direct water spray. Heavy duty magnetic contactors and a low voltage transformer simplify and hasten installation.