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Blower Heater Withstands Extreme Environments

Sept. 17, 2014
Chromalox introduced the extreme duty CXH-XD blower heater designed for corrosive and wet environments.

Heat Trace Cable Handles Long-Line Process Piping Applications

July 23, 2013
Product is suitable for use on extremely long pipelines where high temperature maintenance is critical.

Enclosure Heater Provides Freeze And Condensation Protection In Small Spaces

June 9, 2011
XPMC units can be ordered in 6-inch/150 millimeter and 12-inch/300 millimeter lengths, ranging from 120 volts to 480 volts.

Heat Transfer System Provides Temperature Control For Industrial Applications

April 21, 2011
Systems were designed for use with a wide variety of heat transfer oils such as Paratherm, Mobiletherm, Therminol and Dow Brands.

Digital Thermostat Is Suited For Process Temperature Maintenance And Freeze Protection

Oct. 27, 2010
The Chromalox pipe-mounted model DTS digital thermostat controller provides temperature control, power switching, power connection and alarm indication for heat trace systems ...

Self-Regulating Cable Suits High-Temperature Applications

Sept. 26, 2010
Chromalox SRP cable can be used in applications where operating temperatures are too high for standard freeze-protection cables or where caustic lines may be steam cleaned.