Pipe-Flo Professional v16.1 Incorporates Troubleshooting Improvements

Engineered Software, Inc. (ESI), developer of piping system modeling software, releases Pipe-Flo Professional v16.1.Pipe-Flo v16.1 allows users to recognize and troubleshoot system inefficiencies by incorporating several improvements to existing features. The latest release now incorporates the Overtime module. Users will experience a modern platform, define tank geometries, adjust centrifugal pump speed and device elevations between lines up and utilize over 6,000 new fluids, according to the company.

Key highlights in Pipe-Flo v16.1:

• Flow meter sizing for balancing orifices and flow meters

• Pipeline Valve & Fitting K, Cv, Kv Calculator

• Numerous UI improvements, including:

     • Added a Gradient Color Legend to the FLO-Sheet Report

     • Unit drop down selector for device design data fields

    • Automatically switch to the newly created Lineup

    • Default text orientation set to horizontal