Heinkel Tiocent Centrifuge Precisely Classifies Fine Particles

Heinkel introduces the Tiocent High Performance Classifying Centrifuge. Operating in a batch or semi-continuous fashion, the Tiocent accurately separates the fine and coarse particles in slurry. Throughput on the Tiocent is high because a single pass is typically sufficient to achieve the precise cut required, even in the nanoparticle range. High quality classified suspensions are maintained with a consistent particle size. The coarse particles are discharged for further processing or recycling. 

Operation is simple and fully automated. The user-friendly design enables the operator to easily select the desired separation cut by adjustment of the Tiocent’s rotation speed and slurry feed rate.  Installation only requires an electrical power source and connection of inlet /outlet piping. The Tiocent’s technology enables its use in many applications in the fields of ceramics, synthetic fibers, coatings, metal pigments, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and food.

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