BJM Pumps Expands JX Series

BJM Pumps expands its JX Series line of submersible pumps to include the larger JX150CSS and  JX220CSS. The newest models are designed for applications where caustic or acidic fluids are present such as those in food, chemical or pharmaceutical processing.

Features include:

  • All metal parts exposed to pumped liquids are constructed of 316 stainless steel.
  • Double mechanical seal design with separate lip seal to protect the motor.
  • All elastomers, including mechanical seals are FKM.
  • (NEMA) Class H motor insulation 302°F (150°C).
  • Motor overload protection: thermal switches embedded in the motor windings protect the motor if the temperature or amperage rises to high.
  • Seal Minder motor protection is standard.
  • Heavy duty power cable (50') and Seal Minder cable (50') - for early warning pump and motor protection.
  • Robust construction and design features provide high endurance for maximum wear resistance to ensuring long, efficient pump life.

The JX150CSS is 20 HP and available in 460 or 575 volts; heads to 151' and GPM to 730. The JX220CSS is 30 HP and available in 460 or 575 volts; heads to 186' and GPM to 760. 




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