Heinkel Introduces Tiocent Classifying Centrifuge

The Heinkel Tiocent Centrifuge, Model V 630 BK, is specially designed for TiO2 classification and is a solid-bowl centrifuge with specially designed baffles and a rugged plough skimming tube providing high efficiency separation. The technology is designed for synthetic fiber manufacturing and nanotechnologies.

The Heinkel Tiocent Classifying Centrifuge is used in quasi-continuous wet classifying processes where fine, ultra-fine and nano-scale particles are classified within a slurry. The most common applications are separation of TiO2, SIC, Zr, Al2O3, CaCO2 and Kaolin that is suspended in either water or ethylene glycol. The centrifuge offers precise cutoff of the classified particles and no intermixing of classified particles, according to the company. The centrifuge is capable of handling different flow rates.

The Heinkel Tiocent Classifying Centrifuge provides easy system installation due to pre-assembled piping and wiring of the centrifuge. Heinkel can also calculate and offer peripheral components. The cut-point of the classified particles can be easily adjusted. The Tiocent centrifuge is fully automatic, with low vibration and high reliability, and is easily integrated into a plant-wide process control system, according to Heikel.


Separations technology
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