CRP Introduces Tudertechnica Teflon PTFE-Lined Hoses

CRP Industrial introduces two new Tudertechnica Teflon PTFE-lined chemical hoses. The Tufluor PTFE Chem design incorporates a smooth liner of Teflon transparent white, co-extruded, non-pigmented PTFE. It is designed to minimize the potential risk of migration of conveyed substances in chemical and food applications. Tufluor PTFE Pharm also features a Teflon PTFE liner, but is made to meet pharmaceutical industry specifications.

The Tudertechnica Teflon-lined hoses deliver a smoother surface with less micro-porosity than a pigmented fluoropolymer lined hose, according to the company. This reportedly ensures a consistency of purity in the substances that are transported with a lower level of permeability and leaching. The incorporation of Teflon PTFE helps create a wall thickness that, despite the co-extrusion, is no thicker than a normal pigmented liner and offers excellent flexibility, according to the company.


Fluid handling
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Pipe, tubing and fittings