Comsol Releases Multiphysics and Server 5.2a

Comsol releases the latest Comsol Multiphysics and Comsol Server simulation software environment. Comsol software version 5.2a expands the electrical, mechanical, fluid and chemical design and optimization capabilities, according to the company.

Highlights of Version 5.2a include:

  • Comsol Multiphysics, Application Builder and Comsol Server: The appearance of the user interface of simulation apps can change during run time. Centralized unit handling to better serve teams working across different countries is supported. Hyperlinks and videos can now be included. A new Add Multiphysics window makes it easier for users to create multiphysics models incrementally by providing a list of available predefined multiphysics couplings for the selected physics interfaces. Autocomplete has been expanded to many fields including the equation view fields.
  • Geometry and Mesh: The enhanced tetrahedral meshing algorithm can now create coarse meshes for complicated CAD geometries that feature many thin parts. A new optimization algorithm built into the mesher is available for improving element quality, which may improve the accuracy of a solution and make it faster to converge. Interactive drawing for 2D geometries now features better coordinate display and snapping points.
  • Mathematical Modeling Tools, Studies, and Visualization: Three new solvers are introduced: the smoothed aggregation algebraic multigrid method (SA-AMG), the domain decomposition solver, and the discontinuous Galerkin (DG) method. Users can now save data and plots added to the Export node under Results in VTK format, making it possible to import COMSOL simulation results and meshes to 3rd party software.


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