Weg Electric Introduces W40 Open Induction Motors

WEG Electric released its newest line of open, three-phase induction motors, available with standard frame sizes from NEMA 254T to L6808/09. The motors offer efficient cooling and lightweight, compact construction. For applications where the elements are a factor, the W40 can be specified with WPI or WPII levels of environmental protection depending on the frame size. The motor is suitable for use in compressors, blowers, oil wells, fire pumps and industrial refrigeration applications. All models meet or exceed NEMA standards as well international efficiency requirements, according to the company.

The W40 motor line comes with a rated output of 60Hz at 15 to 2,250 HP, either 2 or 4 pole models in NEMA frame sizes from 254T – L6808/09. Input voltage ranges from 208 to 4,160V available with ODP (IP23) protection for frames 256T to L5810 and WPI (IP24) protection for frame L6808/09.  Models are also available with 5,000 – 6,000V, 6 or 8 pole, and WPI and WPII protection for frame sizes 5010 and up.

IEC 365, 400 and 450K/J as well as L5010 and L6808/09 frame sizes are available in the W40 motor line with both 50 and 60 Hz versions available with ratings from 600 – 2,250 HP. This increased output power comes with lower noise levels, improved mechanical stiffness and excellent heat dissipation, according to the company. The W40 is offered in medium and high voltage versions, up to 6.6kV.

W40 motors come standard with ball bearings, grease nipples, Class F insulation and are suitable for inverter operation up to 460V. Optional features include roller bearings (sleeve bearings above L5810), space heaters, an accessories terminal box, thermal protections and Class H insulation and are suitable for inverter operation above 575V. Lubrication options include an automatic lubrication system and external AEGIS SGR ring.


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