MKS Umetrics Releases Modde Pro 11

MKS Umetrics releases Modde Pro 11, a major upgrade to MODDE 10 that develops unique probability contour plots, design space estimates and proven acceptable range (PAR) communications. Modde Pro 11 introduces optimized combinatorial designs for stability testing and other reduced multilevel combinatorial studies, and includes functionality for creating designs, analyzing results and supporting the quality by design initiative.

Modde Pro 11 performs quality analysis without relying on other software, according to the company. Working with up to 32 factors and multiple responses, Modde Pro 11 software takes into account uncertainties and variations in parameters, measurement systems and processes. It shows where risks for failure exist, as well as the probability of achieving results according to desired criteria.

Modde Pro 11 is suited for design of experiments at all levels of development, including the development of robust analytical methods for product and process verification. It features intuitive graphical interfaces and detailed data visualization.

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Modeling and simulation software