Honeywell Introduces Slate Integrated Combustion System

Honeywell launched the SLATE Integrated Combustion System designed to simplify the engineering of combustion equipment controls in a single platform. The platform works across many applications including commercial and industrial boilers, make-up air, process heating, burner control, automotive paint booths, kilns and ovens.

Honeywell SLATE includes:

  • Integrated universal power and communications that support multiple voltages and communication platforms meeting nearly all global commercial and industrial requirements.
  • Burner management that is easily configured for a variety of applications.
  • UL-certified to published and recognized national safety standards.
  • Flame amplifiers.
  • Fuel-air ratio control with integrated 02 trim and a wide range of torque options for greater energy efficiency.
  • Limit controls that allow targeting of high-temperature applications.
  • Expanded annunciation that enables faster troubleshooting.
  • Universal expanded digital and analog I/O using only the modules the application requires and simple wiring commands.
  • Customizable touchscreen display that allows design of differentiated customer interfaces based on the application.

A range of support resources are available including product training modules, technical support hotline, application engineering for complex applications and how-to videos.

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