Software Provides Life Cycle Simulation

MYNAH Technologies released Mimic Simulation Software v3.6, a next-generation software platform for the process industries providing simulation for plant operations life cycle results. Mimic v3.6 is designed to reduce the cost and time required to develop real-time, accurate dynamic simulations of process plants and includes significant enhancements to Mimic’s modeling library.

Mimic v3.6 includes the release of the mineral processing object library developed in coordination with Portage Technologies. The library includes 14 new advanced modeling objects, integrated with solids property tracking, particle size distribution and tunable comminution matrix in every object.

Developed by industry veteran Greg McMillan and based upon the ISA publication “New Directions In Bioprocess Modeling and Control,” the Mimic Bioreactor model is designed to improve the operation of biotech facilities and the development of biotherapeutics. Mimic v3.6 includes the Advanced Turbine (gas & steam), updated Furnace and significant performance improvements to Mimic’s Pressure-Flow Solver.

MYNAH has released a user defined multi-threading engine that allows for high level parallel computing and optimization of simulation performance. The new capability is built on a complete 64-bit architecture, including double precision floating point calculations and extended support of 64 simulation nodes in one Mimic system.