Software Enables Accurate Piping Operation Modeling


Engineered Software released PIPE-FLO Professional v14.0. The latest version integrates tighter standards to PIPE-FLO Professional and increases the number of calculations and warning messages, making it easier for users to improve the accuracy of their piping operation modeling. This is the first major upgrade to the program since February 2013.

PIPE-FLO Professional is used in the three phases of piping projects: engineering, commissioning and operations. The heart of the PIPE-FLO program is the piping simulation model, which once created will continually update as the system evolves. The model allows PIPE-FLO to reflect the operation accurately as new information becomes available and throughout the life of the facility.

Several improvements have been made to the latest release:

  • Inlet and outlet static pressure, hydraulic grade and energy grade are now calculated and reported for pipes.
  • Percent deviation is calculated for all devices to adjust calculation settings as necessary.
  • License messaging is more specific,
  • Gradient color improvements allow for clear diagnostics, model troubleshooting and enhanced presentation views when performing simulations of plant operations.
  • Value labels added to the gradient window enable easier interpretation of colors.
  • The data import feature imports large amounts of data from a variety of sources into the PIPE-FLO model.