Workbench Software Manages Multiple Versions of a Project

ISaGRAF has released ISaGRAF version 6.1, which includes a new workbench and the new version 5.3 of the C5 firmware. Now based on the Microsoft Visual Studio 2010, it offers improved speed, a new user interface and enhanced windows docking and package management.

Among the features reintroduced in the ISaGRAF 6.1 Workbench is the IEC 61499 editor. Other available languages include: LD, FBD, ST, SFC, and SAMA. In addition, this latest release includes Version Source Control, which provides a means for multiple users to work on the same elements by performing a check-out/check-in. It also allows users to manage multiple versions of a project, back-up and restore entire projects or certain elements of a project and compare files between different versions.

Other new ISaGRAF 6.1 features include user interrupts, failover, dependency tree, block library, variable lock monitor and controller status. Since different applications require various types of interrupts, ISaGRAF’s implementation of interrupts provides a toolkit that allows OEMs to define and map their interrupts to an ISaGRAF application. It also includes a plug-in for end-users to configure and program the interrupts.


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