Virtual Reactor Uses GPU Acceleration to Speed Simulations

Barracuda VR Series 16-GPU enables HPC capability and models 3-D reacting flows within fluidized bed reactors and circulating fluidized bed reactors (FBR). Oil refineries, chemical plants, power generation and gasification plants and polysilicon FBRs have optimized their reactors’ production rates and yields, increased reactor lifetimes, plus reduced emissions using this particle-flow CFD software, according to CFPD.

Barracuda VR allows users to optimize all fluid, thermal and chemically reacting behavior inside an FBR.  The software models individual, discrete particulate solids possessing any heterogeneous composition and captures the entire particle size distribution for multiple solid species in detail. The complex 3-D particle flows are coupled to a user’s chemical reactions.

Barracuda VR Series 16-GPU was designed to operate on the compute unified device architecture pioneered by NVIDIA Corp. to enable GPU processing on NVIDA GPUs, such as the Tesla, Quadro and GTX TITAN brand GPUs. Series 16-GPU is well positioned to benefit from the ongoing advances that NVIDIA is making in GPU computing, including GPU cards that already have almost 3,000 CUDA cores on a single card.

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