Thermoplastic Double Wall Piping System Meets EPA Requirements

Asahi/America Inc. has launched Chem Prolok, the latest addition to its family of thermoplastic double wall piping systems. Chem Prolok has been certified by NSF to NSF/ANSI 61-G to be safe for drinking water.

Made of high stress-crack resistant PE resin, Chem Prolok offers broad chemical resistance, low installed cost and long-term, maintenance-free service. Typical applications include water and wastewater treatment chemical feed systems, acids, caustics, sodium hypochlorite, mixed chemicals, compressed gasses and process piping, pressure or drainage.

Available in pipe and fitting sizes from 1 inch by 3 inches through 12 inches by 16 inches, Chem Prolok has been designed to safely convey liquid chemical applications with a pH range of 1 to 14. UV-resistant Chem Prolok is suitable for both above and in-ground applications. Chem Prolok’s stress-crack resistance eliminates the need for special backfill in a buried service saving time and resources. Chem Prolok can be installed with either low-point or continuous-cable leak detection systems to comply with local environmental or safety regulations.

Designed to avoid risky mechanical joints, Chem Prolok is joined primarily using simultaneous butt fusion, which provides the highest joint integrity known in thermoplastic piping systems.

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Pipe, tubing and fittings
Asahi/America, Inc.