Piping System Design Software Features Customizable Interface

Engineered Software Inc. has announced the availability of the latest release of its piping system design and hydraulic analysis software. The software, called Flow of Fluids Premium 12, provides a fully customizable user interface and a wide range of workflow improvements.

The software features a new dynamic start screen, giving users one-click access to the most recent documents, tools and announcements. Users can now draw first without entering technical design data, making the software available as a P&ID tool for those not ready to perform hydraulic analysis. New licensing management has also been introduced to increase security for customers. Full integration of the PUMP-FLO pump selection tool allows access to more than 120 manufacturer’s pump catalogs directly in the program.

The software also features new standard printed reports in six sizes for larger printers. New reports also contain more data than earlier reports. All text on the FLO-Sheet can be adjusted to fit the user’s needs, including font, style and size for individual items or systemwide.

In addition, integrated pump selection can be completed in fewer steps, meaning a system designer can work even faster and access the largest pump database in the world directly through the Flow of Fluids Premium 12 program. The software’s new property grid streamlines design data entry and minimizes the dialog boxes found in earlier versions. Here, users can view calculations results, change device data, adjust text settings, modify symbol settings and create notes.