Liquid Level Controller Handles Corrosive, Wet Environments

Gizmo Engineering’s new liquid level controller mounts directly to tanks with a 2-inch NPT thread.  A 10-foot-long piggyback cord allows users to plug in their pump, which eliminates any cumbersome wiring installation.  Built for corrosive, wet environments, it will survive in aggressive environments. 

The liquid level is maintained automatically between a high- and low-float switch, which cycles the pump on and off. If for any reason the level gets too high, a third float switch dedicated for emergencies triggers the high-visibility flashing beacon light and loud buzzer.

The design protects the float inside the pipe so it can never get stuck, jammed or trapped.  An optional screen keeps out debris and solids for very dirty liquids.  These have been used successfully in sewage tanks. The float guards can be removed for inspecting or cleaning the floats if necessary.

Adjusting the working depths of the high- and low-level control points can be done instantly with no tools by using thumbscrews. Different operation modes, such as filling or emptying behavior, alarm test button, pump test, snooze alarm and optional wireless communication, are included and can be set in the field.  All this is inside the compact enclosure. Different mounting options, such as plates or brackets, make this suitable for lift stations, sumps, tanks or anywhere a liquid needs automatic level control.

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