Folding Impeller Installs Through Mixture-Mounting Nozzle

Sharpe Mixers’ Sharpe Folding Blade HYFLO 218 Impellers feature a hydrofoil-style, four-blade design that opens with centrifugal force, locking in place when fully opened. Eliminating the need for personnel to enter the tank, these folding impellers are designed for new and retrofit installations that do not allow for impeller assembly inside of a tank.

Available in sizes up to 210 inches in diameter, Sharpe Folding Blade HYFLO 218 Impellers permit greater flexibility in tank designs and the blade locking mechanism can be accessed from outside the tank for removing the mixer, if necessary. Retrofit applications include side entry for large storage tanks or top entry when the tank service has changed and a new mixer is required.

Sharpe Folding HYFLO 218 Impellers are priced according to material, size, and quantity. Price quotations and literature are available upon request.

Fluid handling
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Sharpe Mixers