BPX Brazed Plate Heat Exchangers Withstand High Pressure and High Temperatures

Xylem Inc. has added four new Bell & Gossett BPX brazed plate heat exchangers to its line of large plate heat exchangers. The 3-inch and 4-inch brazed plate heat exchangers, models BP432, BP433, BP434 and BP435 are suitable for large hydronic heating applications, refrigerant evaporators, condensers with large chillers and many other applications requiring flow rates up to 800GPM.

Engineered to offer the highest level of thermal efficiency in a compact, low-cost unit, the corrugated plate design provides high heat transfer coefficients. The Bell & Gossett BPX brazed plate heat exchangers use stainless-steel plates and are vacuum brazed together to form a product that withstands both high pressure and high temperature.

All four models have a design pressure of 435 psig, min/max design temperature of 310/450 degrees Fahrenheit, lifting lugs and support/mounting feet. Additionally, all models are designed in accordance with ASME Section VIII, div. 1 and include a “U” stamp as a standard offering.

The BPX brazed plate heat exchangers provide high rates of heat transfer, which requires less surface area than conventional shell and tube exchangers. The new models are available for selection and pricing in the System Syzer selection and configuration software.

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