Sealed Globe Valves Provide Fugitive Emissions Protection

Crane ChemPharma Flow Solutions has added WTA bellows sealed globe valves, chlorine valves, and change-over valves to its Crane ChemPharma product offering. The WTA valve portfolio complements Crane’s Xomox, Krombach and Resistoflex brands that service the chemical industry.

The bellows sealed globe valve provides the high fugitive emission protection for use in chemical processing, including Chlor-Alkali, Phosgene and Fertilizer applications. It also is compliant with the demanding Euro Chlor and Chlorine Institute Specifications for bellows sealed globe valves used in Chlor-Alkali applications.

The valve’s design features a full safety sealing system enabled by multiple walled bellows, a sealed two-part rising stem, and its satellite coated, conical-shaped piston and seat.

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