Sanitary Attrition Mill Handles Reduction Of Fibrous Materials

Munson Machinery’s new Model SK-30-SS sanitary attrition mill produces particles within a relatively narrow size range of 10 to 100 mesh. The unit is suitable for the reduction of fibrous and friable materials and cracking of grains.

The SK-30-SS mill features an outer stationary milling disc and an inner rotating milling disc that adjusts to vary the gap between the discs. Material enters the gap through the center of the outer disc and is ground between the discs as it travels radially by centrifugal force created by the rotating disc, with greater reductions achieved by reducing the gap.

Precise machining and alignment of the discs, together with constant spring pressure, maximize size uniformity of the reduced material. Plate patterns are selected to optimize the reduction for specific types of materials. Capacity is generally dependent on mesh size of the reduced material, with coarser products produced at higher rates.

Quick-release grinding disc separation allows for thorough wash down between batches. Single runner mills come equipped with access doors for clean out and maintenance accessibility. The unit is available in #304 or #316 stainless steel with a statically and dynamically balanced rotating runner head assembly.

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