Depth Cartridge Filters Offer High Particle-Removal Efficiency

General Electric’s new ZCore depth cartridge filters handle multiple applications, including hot water sanitizing, high-temperature process chemical streams, high-viscosity fluids, high-purity environments and dirty streams where significant pressure drops can develop.

Available in a wide variety of micron ratings and lengths, the new GE ZCore depth filters offer a 90 percent efficiency rate for particles as small as 0.5-µm (micron). ZCore filters meet the criteria for use in USP Class VI environments and function reliably at maximum pressure differentials ranging from 15 psid (1.03 bar) at 180 degrees Fahrenheit (82 degrees Celsius) to 60 psid (4.14 bar) at 86 degrees Fahrenheit (30 degrees Celsius).

GE manufactures ZCore filters with its Z.Plex melt-blown, graded-density filter technology, which features small-diameter fibers and a high strength three-dimensional fiber matrix design. The technology enables high particle-removal efficiency and particle-holding capacity in high-pressure environments. The filters also have an injected molded polypropylene support core to improve strength and temperature resistance. Their all-polypropylene construction is resistant to chemical and thermal degradation and provides no contamination in use for compliance with purity requirements.

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