Dry Vacuum Pumps Feature Tapered Screw Technology

Edwards has introduced the new CXS dry pump range, designed to perform in harsh chemical, petrochemical and pharmaceutical processes. Featuring tapered screw technology and improved liquid and solids handling, the pumps also help reduce energy usage and minimize environmental impact.

Currently available in two models (CXS160 and CXS250), the pumps offer nominal capacities of 160 m3h-1 and 250 m3h-1, respectively. The new CXS dry pumps also provide deep and flexible vacuum down to 10-3 mbar, no effluent generation, and no contamination of the process stream or cooling water.

The new models are independently certified for hazardous environments, and can safely handle flammable and corrosive gases. They can pump up to one liter of liquid per minute continuously, and up to 25 liter slugs without stopping. In addition, temperature can be maintained at programmable levels, while noise levels are as low as 64 dB(A).

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