HOC Dryers Focus On Energy Efficiency

Ingersoll Rand has released a new line of heat-of-compression (HOC) dryers that provide flexibility, reliability and energy efficiency in a low-profile package that places critical service components within easy reach. The dryers turn wasted heat into useful energy, resulting in clean, dry, oil-free air.

By using heat produced during the compression process, the new HOC dryers deliver true Class 0, instrument-quality compressed air using approximately the same energy as a 150-watt light bulb. They also feature no-loss drains and a low pressure drop design that enables compressors to run at lower pressure.

Also included on Ingersoll Rand’s new HOC dryers is the use of Smart Control technology, which monitors inlet process air conditions and adjusts dryer operation to deliver consistent, dry, oil-free air to minimize dew point and temperature spikes.

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