Membrane Contractors Provide More Capacity For Industrial Degassing

Membrana has introduced a new 14x40 Liqui-Cel Membrane Contactor, extending the Liqui-Cel product line’s capacity from 400 gpm to 550 gpm (125 m3). The increase in capacity allows degassing systems to be built using fewer contactors and connections, resulting in a smaller footprint and reduced capital expense. By piping multiple contactors together in parallel, the contractors also can handle larger flow rates.

The 14x40 Liqui-Cel Membrane Contactors utilize a polypropylene hollow fiber and PVC housing, which contains 4,015 square feet (373 square meters) of membrane area. With a pressure rating of 4.1 bar (60 psig), the units are suitable for industrial degassing applications with stringent capacity requirements, including digital printing, analytical/biotechnology, semiconductor, power, pharmaceutical, food and beverage, and other industries.

All Liqui-Cel Membrane Contactors offer a modular degassing option and utilize thousands of Celgard microporous, hollow fibers that are knitted into an array and wound around a distribution tube with a central baffle. During operation, the liquid flows over the shellside (outside) of the hollow fibers.In addition, a patented “Extra-Flow” design incorporates a baffle in the middle of the contactor, which directs liquid radially across the array.

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