White Paper Features Reactor Temperature Control Tips

Huber has produced a new 14-page white paper that includes the Huber range and effects of good heat transfer on the process under all conditions. The white paper aims to provide information about temperature control systems drawn from Huber’s experience in the field of thermal dynamics.

The document provides information on thermal dynamics, centralized systems, environmental commitment and case studies. Precise temperature control has a significant influence on performance and quality in chemical process engineering. Huber's Unistat range of temperature control systems can help ensure accurate temperatures and stable process conditions in research laboratories, pilot plants and Kilo labs worldwide.

Over 50 models are available in the Unistat product group suiting various applications with temperatures from -120 °C to +425 °C and cooling capacities of 0.7 kW to 150 kW. Unistats range from very compact units to powerful models for controlling production reactors.

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