Module Integrates Microfluidic And Rarefied Flows Modeling

Comsol Inc. has released a new microfluidics module based on Comsol Multiphysics. The microfluidics module was designed for researchers, engineers and experimentalists in the fields of microfluidics and vacuum science. Target application areas include lab-on-chip devices, digital microfluidics, biosensors, electrokinetic and magnetokinetic devices, inkjet technology, and vacuum system design.

The module is accompanied by a suite of tutorial and industrially relevant models that serve as both instructional examples and as a foundation for future work.

The module includes interfaces for single-phase flow. With these interfaces users can simulate such applications as compressible gas flows at low pressures, non-Newtonian flows (for example blood flow) and laminar and creeping flows that typically occur in lab-on-a-chip systems.

The module can execute two-phase flow simulations using the level set, phase field, and moving mesh methods. A variety of important fluid-interface effects are included such as surface tension forces, capillary forces and Marangoni effects.

Engineering design
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Modeling and simulation software