Flowmeters Feature Ceramic Ball Bearings

COX Instruments recently announced its turbine flowmeters are now available with ceramic ball bearings. These rugged bearings are superior to standard 440C stainless steel and journal bearings in terms of wear resistance, and are less susceptible to fluid particulates. They are ideal for water and cryogenic applications, which have little to no lubricating properties.

In a wide range of applications, turbine flowmeter users must select the proper bearing material for both fluid lubricity and process temperature to ensure long-term reliability. Water applications, in particularly, may require high-friction journal bearings, which can shorten the meter's linear flow range of operation. Ceramic ball bearings, on the other hand, have a low coefficient of friction and exhibit excellent wear-resistant characteristics. They are also an excellent choice for high-temperature applications, with temperature limits of 425°C (800°F).

COX Instruments offers one of the most linear and repeatable turbine flowmeters on the market. The unique design characteristics of COX meters, such as helical rotors with a 2-3 millisecond response and a single-bearing low-friction design allowing the meter to be mechanically linear over a wider flow range, result in unprecedented flow measurement performance. These strengths are complemented by COX's advanced signal conditioning technology and state-of-the-art flow computers.

COX Instruments has provided thousands of quality turbine flowmeters contributing to the success of major industries, such as automotive, aerospace, test & measurement, metrology, process control and manufacturing. COX precision turbine meters offer wide linear ranges, and when coupled with a flow computer, will measure accurately over the entire extended repeatable range. The meters are available with calibrations in various fluids and viscosity blends, as well as Universal Viscosity Curves (UVCs) for extended temperature environments. They feature non-corrosive, stainless steel wetted parts and a choice of end-fittings (e.g., AN, NPT, Flanges), including specials to meet custom piping requirements. Manifold systems are also provided for extended flow range coverage. COX turbine meters can be paired with a complete line of ancillary electronic signal conditioners and flow computers.

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