Circulation Heater for Reliable Indirect Heating

Watlow introduces the CAST-X 3000 circulation heater — an economically priced heater offering high flow volumes at the required temperature through a single, compact product. Typical applications include steam generation and superheating for process applications where cleanliness is a major concern. These include heating volatile materials in cases where contamination could be a problem, such as deionized (DI) water and food and beverage applications. The CAST-X 3000 is also available with an optional explosion-proof enclosure for use in hazardous environments.

This edition to Watlow’s CAST-X family of heaters consists of two helical coiled tubes and tubular elements cast into an aluminum body, which serves as the heat transfer media between the tubular element and the process tubes. The use of heavy wall 316L seamless process tubing assures high reliability and high pressure operation.

The CAST-X 3000 features a fluid path that is independent of the heater sheath, preventing fluid contamination. An integrated thermostat housing allowing the heater to run dry, and the dual tube construction allows water flow rates up to 20 GPM when run in parallel. Its non-welded construction minimizes potential leakage, allows high-pressure operation and is self-draining when mounted vertically.

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Heat exchangers
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