Hybrid Carbon Filter Increases Chlorine Adsorption Capacity

Argonide Corp., a Sanford, Fla.-based company that manufactures water purification filters, recently introduced its NanoCeram-PACB high capacity activated carbon filters.

NanoCeram-PAC, the company’s original carbon-based product, is capable of removing small particles (including bacteria and viruses) using the principal of electrostatic attraction/adsorption with the ultrafine powder activated carbon (PAC) adsorbing soluble contaminants from water -- all at high flow rates, according to the company.

NanoCeram-PACB incorporates a pleated wrap of NanoCeram-PAC media around a carbon block core. The end result is a foul-resistant filter that allows the carbon block to more fully utilize its potential capacity for chlorine adsorption before reaching terminal pressure drop.

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